The Mamas And The Papas (1967)


Hi! We're The Mamas & The Papas!
Flip, 1966 September

"My favorite hobbies are sewing and witchcraft."


Record cover for the Mamas and the Papas release Dedicated To The One I Love 


The Mamas & The Papas and their rides, 1966


Michelle Phillips with a copy of Kenneth Anger’s famous scandal book Hollywood Babylon

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Girlfriend & Muse

Michelle Phillips [Holly Michelle Gilliam; 04.06.44]

Michelle stepped out of a dream. She was the quintessential California girl… She could look innocent, pouty, girlish, aloof, firey.” - John Phillips

John [Phillips] was 25, married with two children, from an East Coast Catholic military family. He had gone to Annapolis, he performed in a suit and tie—he had never met anyone like me!

I wanted Michelle. Every red blooded person, male, in the country, and probably a lot of females, wanted Michelle Phillips." - Graham Nash

One night I ran into John [Phillips]. We puffed on a joint and walked to his apartment. I was stunned by Michelle’s beauty." - John Sebastian

I was John’s muse, and now I was gone. I was the person John drew all his despair and joy from, and he didn’t know where to go from here." - about the end of her marriage to John Phillips

Growing up, I always saw her as Wonder Woman, as a tough cookie. I had respect for her—and fear! She was very passionate and emotional, and I didn’t want to rock the boat." - Chynna Phillips

Michelle is the ultimate survivor—so loyal and ‘street’ that John [Phillips] and I called her Trixie. And, unlike John—who was swept away… who was a devil, on drugs—Michelle was more logical, more constant. She had an anchor, her dad." - Lou Adler

Photo by Stephen Shore
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